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Cryptocurrencies: U.N. blockchains can help save the world's victims

It's hard to ignore what's being said these days about the fortunes being made and lost in "cryptocurrencies".But the real promise of improving life for ordinary people is in blockchain systems that have nothing to do with money.

The U.N. is already working with blockchains to help refugees and the system is cutting maintenance costs.

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Advice to mediators from the press pit

Reporters are present at virtually every international mediation. Yet they are rarely asked what mediators could do better in providing information for the public. The Geneva-based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) decided to consult some of the bridemaids of the international scene on how to handle such shotgun weddings better.

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UN Trump cuts: IRIN says don't panic

IRIN, the humanitarian news agency that recently moved out of its U.N. shelter to Geneva with Swiss and German support, says there's no need to panic about President Trumps announced cuts to U.N. funding. Samuel Oakford in New York points out that the peacekeeping budget is made every three years and renegotiation is not due till late 2018.

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Geneva is already a leader in the next Industrial Revolution

Klaus Schwab calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That's the one that will do away with middle-class and professional jobs as we know them. It has been described as a battle between humans and raobots.

But he is convinced Geneva could lead the way to a humane answer to the problems the whole world will face from automation, digitization and instant communication throughout our lives.

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The Green Economy scam

Did any buzzword crash in and out of fashion as fast as The Green Economy in 2011-2012? Five years later, "the first, extended, in-depth analysis of the concepts and practices", according to activist professor Tim Jackson, has just appeared in English.

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Zero-hour contracts and pseudo self-employment: what to do?

If the U.N.'s consultants ever came together to demand better working conditions, perhaps they should go straight to the International Labour Organization. Everything the ILO stigmatises about "non-standard employment"(NSE) in a new report lines up with the way the United Nations organizations, at least in Geneva, expect their temporary hires to work.

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Colombian grads again win Geneva Challenge

The Geneva Challenge heard from its finalists this week. Most striking: these graduates all want to do something to change the world for the better. A Colombian team won the CHF10K top prize with a project to help Bogotá's wastepickers.

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Will Trumpery target the aid world?

IRIN kept up its reputation for exclusive investigation of humanitarian issues with the revelation on 14 November that ten key relief agencies depend on U.S. government funding for more than half their income.

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NGO fund-raising via social media: email does it better

NonProfit Tech for Good's 2017 NGO Online Technology Report says 80% of global NGOs agree that email updates are effective for online communications and fundraising, compared with only 51% for Twitter. Facebook scored 74%.

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