Will Trumpery target the aid world?

IRIN kept up its reputation for exclusive investigation of humanitarian issues with the revelation on 14 November that ten key relief agencies depend on U.S. government funding for more than half their income.

The international development NGO PACT receives 98% of its funding in U.S. grants, IRIN reported after examining "data from thousands of tax filings released by the Internal Revenue Service".

As for the U.N., the Secretariat got the statutory 22% in 2015. UNHCR, the refugee agency, and the World Food Programme depend most on the U.S. government: for 40% of their budgets.

What will happen under Trump? Uncertainty is the only sure response IRIN found from the NGOs.

Unicef, the children's aid agency, and OCHA, the Humanitarian Coordination unit, are least vulnerable: getting 17% of their budget from the U.S.

Several NGOs expressed their hope that previous Republican commitment to international programmes would continue.

The country still gives most in conventional foreign aid and emergency assistance. "Relative to its wealth, however, the US falls well behind others," IRIN points out. At 0.17 percent of national income it scores far below the 0.7 percent target set by the U.N.

Who's Afraid of Mr Trump? is signed by Ben Parker and Kristy Siegfried from London, with additional reporting by Emma Supple.

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