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Newsfile aggregates news that might otherwise drop off the horizon about situations affecting humanitarian work and the international situation. It doesn't chase after the most immediate stories which other newsfeeds can offer. Latest items from each region are presented first. To comply with fair-use rules we give only a headline, or enough of the story to explain the headline. All the stories cited are fully detailed.


Does humanitarian aid prolong wars?

Dutch journalist Linda Polman says yes.

The Observer, Sunday 25 April 2010


But also read this superb rejoinder:

Humanitarian Aid: A Warmonger's Best Friend?

Una Moore says that's not the point...

UN Dispatch April 26, 2010

How social networks are using your email address book data - and what it means for journalists

See particularly: What Facebook doesn't tell you. 24 April 2010


Frances urges tighter regulation of CO2 emissions market, which has suffered from exploitation of legal loopholes and illegal sales practices.

PlanetArk/ThomsonReuters 20-Apr-10



Africa may have lost £1tn in illegal flows, most to international institutions

Guardian Thursday 1 April 2010

South Africa

White supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been killed on his farm in the country's north-west.

Mr Terreblanche, 69, was beaten to death by two farm workers after a dispute over unpaid wages, police say.

BBC 4 April 2010


Zanzibar islands go for unprecedented 90 days without power, causing business problems and water shortages.

Global Post April 1, 2010



At least 104 dead in Rio de Janeiro floods

Reuters/The Independent Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Cuban Scientist Wins U.S.-Based Goldman Environmental "Nobel" Prize

PlanetArk/ThomsonReuters 20-Apr-10


Machu Picchu formally reopened - two months after landslides cut its rail link.

BBC Friday, 2 April 2010

United States

Bloomberg Foundation Moved Millions Into Offshore Accounts, says The New York Observer

The Chronicle of Philanthropy April 22, 2010

After Vermont, Maryland Creates New Type of 'Socially Responsible' Corporation

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 15 April 2010

Obama orders US-born cleric to be shot on sight

The Independent Thursday, 8 April 2010

Merck executive is new Gates Foundation CFO

AP/Seattle Times Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three police and felon posing as officer indicted on Katrina shootings

Federal prosecutors yesterday indicted Marion David Ryder—known as David Ryder—in connection with the Sept. 4, 2005, shootings on the Danziger Bridge, charging him with lying to federal agents and unlawfully possessing a handgun.

Ryder is the fourth individual to be indicted in the case. Two former New Orleans police officers have pleaded guilty; a third was indicted earlier this week.

Ryder, 45, is an intriguing character. A convicted felon with no law enforcement experience, he pretended to be a deputy sheriff working for St. Landry Parish in the days after Hurricane Katrina. Armed with a cheap 9-mm handgun, he was posing as a deputy when New Orleans Police Department officers shot six civilians on the Danziger Bridge, according to a bill of information filed in court by federal prosecutors.

Ryder’s statements to NOPD sergeant Arthur Kaufman figured prominently in police reports on the bridge shootings. According to the initial report, Ryder “positively identified Lance Madison as one of several shooters who fired upon him,” and said his brother, Ronald Madison, also shot at police. Ronald Madison, a mentally disabled 40-year-old man, was shot five times in the back by police and died in the parking lot of a motel at the foot of the bridge. Lance Madison was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing. 

ProPublica April 2, 2010



Chinese president pledges swift help for earthquake zone as toll reaches 1,700

The Guardian Sunday 18 April 2010

China, Nepal

Nepal and China have ended a long-standing dispute about the height of Everest

Reuter/Independent Thursday, 8 April 2010


World's biggest census will include computer and mobile phone ownership

Guardian Thursday 1 April 2010



CERN Creates 10 Million Mini-Big Bangs In One Week

PlanetArk 08-Apr-10


Bureau of Investigative Journalism opens

Independent 25 April 2010

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