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Newsfile aggregates news that might otherwise drop off the horizon about situations affecting humanitarian work and the international situation. It doesn't chase after the most immediate stories which other newsfeeds can offer. Latest items from each region are presented first. To comply with fair-use rules we give only a headline, or enough of the story to explain the headline. All the stories cited are fully detailed.


Clean-Water Charity Offers Social-Media Tools Other Groups Can Use

When makes progress on building a new water-sanitation project in Tigray, Ethiopia, it isn't waiting until the project is complete to share the story.

Whenever it installs a hand pump, mobilizes villagers to help carry sand, or repairs an old well, the charity's workers update supporters online. Those supporters are given simple-to-use tools that allow them to broadcast the updates to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Chronicle of Philanthropy 18 May 2010

A Cautionary Tale From Oil-Spill Cleanup Volunteers; Plus More

On the blog, Transformational Giving, Eric Foley, vice president of giving and training for Mission Increase Foundation, criticizes what he calls BP's missed opportunity to recruit volunteers to assist with the oil spill cleanup off the Gulf Coast and what nonprofit groups could learn from the company's approach.  If nonprofit groups are really serious about acquiring younger donors, they should hire some of them and put them in leadership roles, writes Bill Jacobs, vice president of research and analytics at Grizzard. Mr. Jacobs says that nonprofit organizations need to stop hiring young people to do administrative work, which leads them to quickly become bored and want to move on.

Chronicle of Philanthropy 17 May 2010

Give more to less, donors urged

Donors need to learn to be more strategic and give less in response to an impulse, says Reuters in an article offering suggestions on how to give wisely.

The article urges donors to think about the size of the group and to focus gifts on a small number of causes rather than spreading them to a lot of groups.

Chronicle of Philanthropy/ Reuters 13 May 2010

Investors Wary Of "Green" Forestry

The complexity of carbon markets coupled with the effects of the financial crisis are deterring investment in green forestry, investors and analysts said in London on Thursday.

New carbon markets to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) are emerging to pay owners not to chop down trees. But investors said they were deterred by the complexity of those new markets, and were wary of making investments in plantation forests for bio-energy.

PlanetArk/Thomson Reuters 14 May 2010


Almost Half of Deaths in Kids Under 5 Occur in 5 Countries

Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and blood poisoning account for more than two-thirds of the 8.8 million annual deaths in kids under 5 years of age worldwide, a new report shows.

The report, written by Robert E. Black of the department of international health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore and colleagues on behalf of the Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group of the World Health Organization and UNICEF, was released online May 11 in advance of publication in an upcoming print issue of The Lancet.

Almost half of the deaths occurred in just five countries -- China, Nigeria, India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan.

Bloomberg Business Week May 12, 2010

Ban bucks orders from UN personnel tribunal

UN personnel court has challenged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to release confidential documents that claimants say will prove that they have been treated poorly by UN employees -- documents that Ban has proved resistant to release. Ban's lawyer has refused to turn over notes from a UN ethics probe regarding a U.S. diplomat who was removed from a UN job in Kosovo after he cooperated with an internal investigation. His is just one of a number of cases before the new tribunal overseen by professional international judges -- a system established in July to replace the volunteer-run administrative justice system designed in the 1940s.

UN Wire 12 May 2010



Over 100 killed in Darfur clashes since March: UN

Clashes between rival Arab tribes have claimed 107 lives since March in Darfur, the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan said, warning of a buildup of government and rebel troops in the region.

AFP 12 May 2010


United States

Giving Dropped 4.9% in 2009, Researchers Estimate

Americans donated $217.3-billion in 2009, a decrease of $11.2-billion or 4.9 percent compared to 2008, according to new estimates from researchers at the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College. The researchers are more optimistic about giving in 2010. They expect giving by individuals to range between $222-billion and $227-billion, an increase of 3 to 4.5 percent.

Chronicle of Philanthropy 27 May 2010


Anatomy Of The Gulf Oil Spill: An Accident Waiting to Happen

The accident shows that lax federal oversight, complacency by BP and the other companies involved, and the complexities of drilling a mile deep all combined to create the perfect environmental storm.

Planet Ark Yale Environment 360 17 May 2010

Giving Abroad Remained Stable in 2008

Philanthropy from the United States to poor countries remained steady in 2008, according to a new report by the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Prosperity.

Chronicle of Philanthrophy May 12, 2010



Winter Kills Herds

The bitter winter killed an estimated 8 million animals, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), leaving exhausted, poverty-stricken herders struggling to survive and increasing demands on Mongolia's already-stretched national budget.

Thomson Reuters/PlanetArk 13 May 2010


Afghan Government Shuts Down 20 Aid Groups

The Afghan government shut down 20 foreign aid charities working in that country this week, saying the groups did not provide regular reports on their work and finances to the government, says Reuters.

The economy ministry estimates some 1,224 Afghan and 301 foreign NGOs work in Afghanistan. Included in list of the foreign organisations closed down were Christian charities such as Samaritan's Purse International and Thrive as well as children's charities such as Global Care.

Thomson Reuters Chronicle of Philanthropy 12 May 2010


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