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Newsfile: July 2010

Newsfile aggregates news that might otherwise drop off the horizon about situations affecting humanitarian work and the international situation. It doesn't chase after the most immediate stories which other newsfeeds can offer. Latest items from each region are presented first. To comply with fair-use rules we give only a headline, or enough of the story to explain the headline. All the stories cited are fully detailed.


W.T.O. Seeks More Cooperation In Natural Resource Trade

Governments must cooperate more intensively to deal with the challenges for both importing and exporting countries in trade in natural resources, such as export restrictions and import tariffs, the World Trade Organization said in its annual World Trade Report.

PlanetArk 26-Jul-10

UNCTAD spells out FDI impact of recession on Third World

Flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) to Africa fell -- by 19% -- after almost a decade of growth, UNCTAD reported in World Investment Report 2010.

Top recipients in 2009, as in 2008, were (in order) Angola ($13 billion), Egypt (7), Nigeria (6) and South Africa (6). The others received $3 billion or less.

UNCTAD 22-July-10