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Newsfile: January 2011

Newsfile aggregates news that might otherwise drop off the horizon about situations affecting humanitarian work and the intenational situation. It doesn't chase after the most immediate stories which other newsfeeds can offer. Latest items from each region are presented first. To comply with fair-use rules we give only a headline, or enough of the story to explain the headline. All the stories cited are fully detailed. Dollars are U.S. unless stated otherwise.


D.R. Congo

Colonel arrested for New Year's Day rapes but attacks continue

D.R.C. soldiers on 24 January arrested Lt Col Kibibi Mutware, a former rebel incorporated into the army since 2009, along with other officers for crimes against humanity on New Year's Day 2011. He was accused of sending troops into the village of Fizi to rape, beat and loot as a "revenge attack".

On 28 January the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), reported that armed men had raped 60 people in the same eastern region from 19-21 January.

Col. Kibibi was sentenced in February to 20 years in jail after a groundbreaking trial.

Reuters reported that the UN's special representative on sexual violence last year called eastern Congo the rape capital of the world.

Reuters, 28 January 2011.